Meet Teddy whose making a HUGE difference

Oct 09

Meet Teddy whose making a HUGE difference

Meet Teddy… a cuddly, soft, friendly, but very BIG lad who was adopted by our Youturn Child Safety Team. Although Teddy does not say very much, it was decided that he would be the perfect companion for two young boys who have been very sad, confused and frustrated!

When Teddy first met his new friends, they were a bit aggressive with him and started wrestling and punching him. Teddy didn’t like that – in fact Teddy preferred to be their friend and teach them how to be kind. Teddy likes all the things that the boys enjoy and has come to live with them so that he can help *Nick and *Nathan with “good practice”, “restorative practice” and overall their social modelling skills..

Teddy thinks he can help *Nathan with going to the toilet, stop him running away, spitting, hitting, biting, by being kind, making friends and sharing his feelings.

Teddy thinks he can help *Nick with his homework, not hitting, punching, trying to be first and win all the time, hygiene, wearing underwear and flushing the toilet.

One morning on the way to school, Nathan was very helpful in verbalising and demonstrating good practice by reminding Teddy to sit still, keep his seatbelt on, and keep his hands and feet to himself.

We look forward to Teddy’s journey and how he can be used as a form of redirection and as a continual prompt with the boys, helping them adapt to the big changes they have had to deal with.

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